vanilla_bean_ice_cream_with_berries_517683I recently started working out again, and it has been intense, and overwhelming. I have been doing intense exercise with the NIKE training club, and fitness videos like XHIT and POPSUGAR on Youtube(check them out sometime). Well they are very effective , i know this because my body is in pain. I tried to convince myself that the only way to get to desired body is to take one day at a time , well i try.


I wake up in the morning very determined , after a saying my prayers, and logging on to facebook I do a bit of morning yoga. It is then followed by a nice “cuppa chisa” thats a freshly prepared mug of tea (its not brewed, i wish but it is not , thats not how we do things at home). I then , with all my might ,try to resist the urge of consuming  sugar , you know for  my weightloss. I then do a workout for about 30 minutes and then have a full breakfast, and well for me that means its bread and some spread with a fruit (usually banana, i love those). The guilt by this time hasn’t got to me , because I usually promise myself to have a light crispy salad for lunch. HEHE, it never happens.

i will starve myself at lunch time , when the guilt finally settles in. It makes me feel like i have accomplished something , so its good in a way, but bad in so many. When the midday sugar and salt cravings kick in i will have one giant snack like crisps or “ama kip-kip” . Its only one snack afterall. Before supper i workout again, i get on the old stationery bike which has this very annoying sound (thats because it used to  belong to my grandma, i asked her for it because i have no money , im still dependent on my parents).

At dinner time i feel starved , i feel like i should eat, and man do i eat! I know it is  not recommended and im working on it really.                         After dinner , its time for a reward. Its start off with  a glass of cool drink. Followed by icecream , and maybe biscuits, before i know it i have had icecream , and frozen yoghurt , and even tea. It all happens so fast!

As i reflect on my day , when i lay in bed eating chocolate, it is then that i realise that , yes i did workout , and i did burn some fat , but i end up consuming more than what i burn. That is not wise at all. If i want to make any progress, i should stop this repetitive ice cream, froyo , and chocolate habit.




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