Street bash

White City Jabavu, a ghetto vibey  township of Soweto, a place I call my hometown. It is a dangerously  comfortable neighbourhood which I frequently find my self in, my grandparents and most of family members reside there. This one time , which happens to be “today” my grandma’s neighbour weds. As per norm , during the wedding “day” it is all receptual formal-ish festivities , where the newly weds come back from church and have their reception undertaken at one of the newly weds home, (usually the bride’s,  but this time it wasn’t). I assumed my invitation to the wedding and so I went “a wedding celebration is for the community ” , that’s how it’s “supposed to be”.
So I went , the ceremony was nice , beautiful in fact,  and the free lunch was delicious too!

Evening time, it’s time to get the party started,  and where I’m from people know how to go down,  seriously!
People then change from their nice “formal-ish” attires to jeans, then a bunch of youngsters are drawn  from their homes,  like moths to a flame ,to start the “street bash” .
There I was on my grandparents pavement looking at all my peers, having the time of their lives, getting drunk like there’s no tomorrow,  and here I am just standing there.

I am wearing a pair of jeans , good enough sneakers, and a leather jacket. I totally look the part, I look like one of them , in fact I just might be one of them. But, as I observe with scrutiny the way in which they are conducting themselves,  I mean it looks like  fun , if life had no consequences.  People were dancing in the street , stopping cars as they passed by , bottles in the air , butts literally going up (won’t reveal anymore  details) .

And here I am, just standing . I mean, I want to be them , in fact I am them , and I want to do what they are doing. I think I should because I can, but then again , I couldn’t because  I shouldn’t ( they all shouldn’t ), why am I not then?

Um , maybe later,  I’m just going to stand here and watch, I mean afterall you shouldn’t do it just because you can , but rather do it because you are in that moment in time.



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