smoke-69124_640Happy cheers!

Everyone around is dealing with their new years blues,  and by everyone I mean , neighbours, “passer by’s”(if that’s a word) , and some of my family members as well. Some people have started working on their new year’s resolutions, and some are lying to us once again (the new years resolutions i mean, they never happen).But anyway…

We’ve all welcomed the new year in “high” spirits.(see what i did there). Everyone was one their own “high” , some on alcohol , well most on alcohol, but I was on an adrenaline rush,even now still , here’s why.


Well,  the plot just got twisted. This just happened right now, it’s relevant to today’s blog inspiration by The Daily Post _Write here ,write now_ (I usually sway away from my intended story, it just happens you know, with writting i mean) . That’s just how it is with me, and Colum too  (he is a fictional character in a book I read)

Scrabbling.Scribbling.Probably. _”Colum Ferris”  The blooding , by Nadia Wheatley .

I’m sitting here in the lounge with my aunt and cousins, I’m here to visit. Now that I think about it I don’t like how they treat me. You know,  they are treating me too much like a visitor. There is just too many people worried about my comfort,  and in a way, that makes me uncomfortable. I mean I am family afterall, but anyway that is not what I’m telling you about,  for now.

Yes, I’m sitting here “comfortably “trying to catch up with my blogging. My cousin whose my age, (the one I would have told you about , if I had gone on with the new years eve “vibe”)  asks me to send her the photos and videos we shot on the 31st, I agree , and with my tab still in my hand I head on to the gallery only to discover that , “those” pictures have all been erased! Not only those , but pictures I took from the 16th of December . What a bunch of them!

Infuriated,  but silent,  I check whether they have been backed up on my Gmail account,  and what do I find? Yeah you guessed it , my last back up was New years eve. So,  not only the CAMERA folder was erased my but even the few in the AUTO BACKUP folder.

Cheese nuggets who did this! Who is this conniving son of an eraser!?

I then make my cousin aware of this, she then shouts out loud “TJESIS!”( it is how most South Africans express stuff, both excitement and rage , but she was furious).  Without us even announcing who the suspects are, “Jack and Jill” then start pointing fingers at one another,  each trying to clear their own name.  I call them Jack and Jill because they are siblings,  who are just a year apart,  with the oldest being a girl. They are very naughty I tell you.

I’m angry , not really though I want to be

I am very upset at this , but I just cannot do anything.  First,  I’m a visitor,  secondly they are 4 and 5 years of age they just will not understand the extent of damage they have done. My mug of tea is now cold , and this is making me even more so  in a way.

Right here right now,  I’m thinking of the extent at which we have become dependant on technology . I mean , this is the day and age where our photo albums been replaced by  albums on our Facebook , Insta and Gmail accounts. I’m pondering upon this , with a tab in my hand, which is connected to the Internet , using data. And it’s roaming on my data instead of Wifi , because I’m not at home. I’m not trying to brag, in fact I can’t brag,  because it’s become such a norm.

If all the gadgets,  electronic devices , all of a sudden just stopped working   what would I be doing now?

If the Internet  crashes now , and “computer systems ” just go beserk,  what would we do?

It’s very unlikely that this will be true,  but what is life without a little bit of imagination? This post just reminded me not to take myself, too seriously . Things happen , and today I had the first of those this year. Sometimes our hearts are ached by the smallest of things , but still they do distort our smiles.  It’s okay , sometimes we have to forgive “life” for happening,  and just make a fresh cup of coffee , and let go of it all , and just say to ourselves “oh well, it’s one of those things”.  Have a happy year reader , thank you for reading.❤





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