Matric results

In this moment in time, I find myself 15 minutes away from the release of our exam results.  The “most important exam of all”.

I am not nervous,  not one bit. What ever result I get will be mine, unique to me, and due to circumstances unique to only me. It will all be my truth , and mine shall it be. So , I am not nervous…

Why should I be?

I prepared well for the examinations,  I know I passed.  How well ? That is the question. Do I get a bachelor or diploma? Varsity or college?  Varsity is what I want and in this moment it’s all just a mystery,  a matter as simple as a flip of a coin. It scares a whole lot, still  I am not nervous.

Why should I be?

They say; “these results determine the kind of future you’ll have”

Oh what a lie!

Am I not my own person .  Should I fail , am I not the one to pick myself up and soldier on?

Am I not? If I pass am not the one to embrace my hard work?

I will make it big , and this i’ll know someday. The day I look back and realise that this was just the beginning.  That very day I will have undergone a thousand more. So whether I stress or not in this moment, it changes nothing about that day in my future,  not even one bit.

As long as I keep moving forward

I will be a success regardless. How arrogant does that sound? Is this an exaggeration of my abilities?  No , not at all.  I am just very sure of this. I am as capable as i think i am. And i think i can and will be ranked among the best , among the champions. I am prepared to face my truth,  overcome my fears , leave my comfort zone to fight for what my entire being yearns for. The champion title has my name on it , no doubt . So sure that I would bet my life for it.

 Here’s why

Success , to me is not gauged by the salary i’ll be earning,  nor the house , the car or whatever you can think of. My success will be the fulfillment of my heart and soul, simply because the flesh can never be content. Up until I realise my purpose, and start working to fulfill it, I would have succeeded.  Only when I become so engulfed in complete selflessness but never feel lost in myself, I would have made it.

It takes a lot to go through hell to serve heaven. And if one can do that , who am I not to?

Hehe, I might be wrong now , and that is okay,  I’m only seventeen,  i don’t know much ,but I know that this time around,  I’m not nervous! Not even one bit.



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