As we impatiently countdown to valentines day, I cannot help but feel intrigued . About what?
The concept of love. Not the fuzzy my blushy, romantic phenomenon that everyone thinks about, but the genuine ,pure love of God, which is the law.

I am currently learning more about it, by reading of course the word of God and countless articles I can find , related to it. However the book I am most interested in is LOVE IS NOT A SPECIAL WAY OF FEELING by Charles G Finned. (not that I get any commission by this link, but it’s just for the love of, well , love!) . With this book , I find myself having to reread paragraphs, and to note here and there , so as to help myself comprehend and digest the content.

Why am I doing this?

I want to love,  and love genuinely. With this very same love I seek fulfillment,  and to be source of this to others as well.

Here’s what i’ve learned.

The love required for the moral law consists in choosing, willing ,intending.

“intending controls the state of the intellect and outward actions directly “

♡If we intend to love,  by physical law , our intellect will abide by this. We will consequently choose to love  and be willing to love.

“Love should be implied in our states of the intellect and the sensibility “

♡Whatever it is that we seek to do  , love should be an implication, not a part of it, but our actions should be as a  result of this love.

“Benevolence is an ultimate intention “

♡ If we seek to love genuinely,  it should be that of God (unless if, you just want something more intense this Valentines day , I HAVE SAID TOO MUCH).  Since God’s character is entirely benevolence,  God’s will should be our ultimate intention. Love genuinely.

“The *will* is free to be influenced by impulses of the sensibility (feelings, emotions) or  the demands  of the intellect,  or to control and direct both. “

I love you , genuinely.  Thank you for reading ♡

Someone’s song I liked , it relates. Some of us are listeners and some are readers, some are both. ENJOY


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