What a transition!

On the 31st of January,  we were welcomed as official students of the University  of the Witswaterand Johannesburg. I have been counting down the days  since tenth grade. I am really excited  about  this. I knew it was time to put on my big girl pants, but also to keep those on ( if you know what i mean) .It is really  a huge step , from high school to the “real world “. It really  is a huge learning curve ,in both social and academic ways.  From comfortable romance , to akward interactions. Heres what has been on offer.

Ooh la la❤

Okay , so just a few days before Valentines i had already  celebrated it. I had my doze of chocolate treats, and a bit of candy from “him”. Chocolate is what he is. Sweet, mysterious,  smooth ( haha, his words) , but a lovely treat all in all. A taste that never gets old. He gave me my first kiss, and  i probably gave him his worst. It felt like I’ve been with him for forever. In this case, forever was just a couple of blissful moments…

My feet…

So its  been orientation week , and there’s been a lot of uhm orientating.  They gave us a tour of the school, we played , sang , danced, TALKED , a lot . That is exhausting,  especially after the long January  break spent in solitude…

Happy birthday

On the 2nd of February,  i got a very different birthday present.  Something  that just speedily maximised my “people skills”. I was dumped. I really wanted to be angry. I couldn’t.  I understood  why , i know why. Matters of the heart are questionable. The following day was my birthday  and regardless of that  i knew it had to be awesome.


3 February

What a day that was! Iwoke up to tens of birthday wishes,  some very cliché,  but it cheered me up. Some of them made me cry, and some i was caught up in moments of “aw”. I found myself thinking back to where in the world I’d met  the people wishing me these fortunes. Like , do i even know you? , but well i guess i do now! In the afternoon both my devices went off, they did work more than usually. Im sure they were suprised themselves( thats if phones had sensibility) . In the afternoon i had an accident,  a lady accident.  This was the first time ever, but surely  not the most embarrassing , i have had worse.


The real world.

I have had my fair share of the bad, but surely theres more on hand. I feel that this post is the most “snobbish ” i have ever made. The best and the worst is still yet to come. Growing up is a reality , it will happen. This is my memoir. Thank you you u for reading.





14 thoughts on “In just seven days

    1. Thank you very much Nicole, i am sure theres still a lot of stories to tell, to read and to listen to. I will make the most of it . Cheers, thanks for stopping by Ms Martin , come again. 😊☺

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  1. Isn’t that just like life though! You get the good with the bad; the happy with the unhappy…and plenty of stretching.
    Congratulations for making it to university! It will challenge, frustrate, bless, train and really get to you. Having said that, I’m betting you will really like it. And someday, after you have graduated, you’ll look back on your experiences with a mixture of satisfaction, longing, warm memories, a loss or two and a lot more.
    What do you want to do for work when you get out?


    1. I want to major in either genetics or molecular biology and do research and lab work too. Also i plan on making writting a great part of my life as well. Thanks for the encouraging words , im excited about the journey ahead of me. I’ll keep posting, all the weird stuff that happens.

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  2. Your aspirations are beautiful and I wish you all the blessings to do it to its successfully end.
    Your birthday joy is alright , a lot of us take our birthdays for granted. Enjoy everything in your life and express it by your best way.
    God’s blessings!

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