Dear lord i know you’re listening….

Things aren’t going that well , but this time i won’t complain , but i thank you , so here it goes

Thank you for my pimpled face, it is genetic in my case , and knowing that the blood of my fore fathers run through my veins makes me happy. The same strength that was given to them i have inherited too.

Thank you for my chubby body. I still have more than  enough to eat, and thus i am blessed.

Thank you for all the problems that we encounter.  This means i have experienced tranquility at some point in my life.

Thank you for my very weird family. I have most of my family with me.

Thank you for my empty wallet and fridge,  these were once full. Some don’t even have them to begin with. Lord you know, and thank you.

  Thank you for the expensive Varsity fees.  I had access to quality education,  and i now have the opportunity of a lifetime , which is to go to Varsity. 

Thank you for my menstrual cramps. I have a chance of being a mother one day.

Thank you for my heartbreaks. I  have a conscience. I have the ability  to love . I have the ability to feel.

Thank you for my wardrobe full of clothes i don’t like anymore.  I have clothing,  i have a room,  i have a shelter.

Thank you for my strict parents.  They love me , and are concerned about my wellbeing .

Thank you for all the good and bad i see. I have sight. I have a brain.

Thank you for my small shoes. I am growing even more.

Lord ,the list is endless. I will continue to thank you for all i have , and all that i dont. You know why, you have a reason. My life matters to you , hence you have a plan.  Thank you , thank you for my life.woman





37 thoughts on “Unusual prayer

    1. Thank you for these encouraging words. I believe i am blessed already , and so are you kind soul. As a matter of fact “blessed” is what my name means. I am ” Busisiwe ” , hope you stop by again. Thank u for reading. ❤

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful prayer! I can so much relate to these! Even with my freckled nose 🙂 (my husband likes it). I am glad I still meet people they can appreciate everything in their life, the good and the “bad” at the same time. Wish you a blessed week!

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    1. Haha , theres a bit of good in everything. We just need to look at things differently sometimes . Thank you for stopping by, please do come again😊☺.


    1. Isn’t this what makes life easier to bear?… though we have different struggles, the struggle its self is common to all of us. I am glad you can relate. Thank for stopping by hey, i’Lloyd be visiting you soon. 😊☺


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