The word sums up my life at the moment. I’m at the turning point of my  every life aspect.  My grades aren’t as good ( in fact not good at all), my chubb is still there, changed family dynamics , and HIM  well….should I say more?

It’s up to me , and me alone to change things  for the better or worst. Pity parties are not that fun anyway,  so it’s time to shake things up. I’m on my mark , getting set , and ready to go, but knowing me I will fall once or twice ( by once or twice , I mean maybe a coupl^e of hundred times). I’m sorry I just stole that line from Justin  Bieber’s song, I’m not a fan but the song is catchy, I have to give him that.

Anyways,  I literally did fall once or twice on campus already . It’s funny how the white kids will help you get up , check out if you’re okay,  whereas the others will chuckle a bit and pass you by as you lay sheepishly on the ground. Think about though.  No racism intended but  I would prefer “their” hospitality,  with of course “our” service prices( cheapskate over here). With that being said , I cannot help but think of how much more expensive  varsity is. It’s ridiculous,  aren’t we supposed to be “unemployed ” because we’re students!?

Well apparently not! Statistics have shown that school kids have  more lavish day to day lives than what they’d normally have at home. That applies if that “luxury” refers to noodle dinners, and energy drink breakfasts. Seems rather sad but , it’s a lifestyle I envy.

Truth be told I do miss the days when life was simpler. It seems that from now on life will only get tougher, but I am” tougher-rer”( I also got that from a commercial on TV) . It’s strange how someone like me ,who normally does not watch much television,  even when they sometimes have a lot of time on their hands, know so many commercials. I’m strange anyway, so let me just get over it…

Hmm,  getting over him is harder though. However our studies are the first priority.  With my grades not so great , I must work harder at it…. (haha, I’m lying…to myself. ..)Wait , truth is , I must just work at it. I haven’t been putting any effort really.  I do wish HE was the reason why, but I’ve just been stuck in this transitional turmoil.

Things aren’t what I expected them to be, but I question why I have such high  expectations in the first place. Well, the answer is… that I’m human. I fantasise, it’s fun to do  once in a while,  until you start looking like a screw up, but  those people are fun to be around I’ll  admit that. The fact that I can relate to them means I also have a bit of crazy in me too!

If you can relate then you too have a bit of that in you as well. Admit it , and embrace it, life is too short to be too serious and hey , I love you loads please do come again . Here’s to academics and giggles!










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