What a week it has been for me. Progresses from one area of my life to another. Some fast paced , some not very much so, but it’s gonna get there.

It feels pretty awesome to know that I have written something  and someone actually reads it. Thank you so much to my fellow blogger,  theutopianuniverse for the nomination. Please check out their awesome blog,  I swear it’s awesomeness on steroids,  (I have noticed I mention steroids quite a lot… I hope this turns weirdtoogenuine into a  blog on steroids too)… I sure love to chitchat… so before I go any further I will do as requested;

My nominees are(in no particular order)image-2nd-volotile-blogger

There are loads of more writers i follow that are not on the list , and loads more whose work i love too , not on the list but let me roll down the red carpet for them. Blogging to me though , is more than just being nominated. It is about using the platform to express yourself, to find someone to relate to and also a way of conveying your message to the world.It is yet another way of celebrating the gift of words.

“you got the right to read ,I’m reading your rights, so what I write you read”Proverb

Hehe , did you see what he did there? …writing can be lots of pun, i mean fun.



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