Imagine this. You pick a fruit (preferably a green apple), from a tree. Vibrant granny smiths as they are,  it is the best on that branch. You pick it out because you were drawn by its appealing appearance. You know not what the apple tastes like as yet but , you start drooling as you think about it. Upon rinsing it you take a huge bite into it, ahh a wonderful sensation it is. A tango of sweet citrus.Your taste buds tingle in such a manner that feels like a mini parade of flavors in your tongue. A simple yet delicious delicacy.


You have been drawn to it by its unforced, effortless pure essence.

You held it in your ha and felt it’s pure essence.

You’ve bitten into it, experiencing its pure taste. It’s true essence. Flavour!

As you begin to swallow, a feeling of excitement hits you suddenly. For a brief moment, you appreciate the fruit in your hand and you go on for a second bite. To your surprise, you bite into a silky, slimy worm. In disgust, you spit out this now inedible cocktail of fruit(and worm too) out of your mouth. Inedible really, or is it uneatable?apple-1172060__180

This is not what you bargained for. This must not be what you picked. How on earth is it possible that you couldn’t see it coming. The very “apple of your eye” ( see what I did there) turns out to be rotten a bit. Impure to a certain degree.

Still, it possesses its pure essence. 

You toss the apple as far as you can away from you. To you now, it’s just a “rotten piece of…”. You now despise it so much that you forget the feeling of satisfaction you had just moments ago. You degrade it entirely to rubbish. “It was never good anyway”. Oh my but you are so wrong.

Something discovered this very essence earlier than you.

It loved the apple so much, it chose to be engulfed in it. 

This very slimy creature has eaten up away some of the apples. Though it wishes to finish the entire fruit it will never. It has turned some parts of the apple rotten, but these were not visible to you when you picked it, but if these were, would you still have taken the apple?

Let’s move along, though…. you then pay attention to go your tummy. You’re still hungry. Maybe you could have just spit out the rotten,  let it be forgotten and enjoyed the rest of your delicious fruit. No, you didn’t.

You’ve mistake not the works of a parasite with the pure essence of the fruit, you’ve taken for granted the pure essence of your green apple. The one that was once the apple of your eye.

Now, what  are you made of? Are you as pure and fulfilling as you want the rest of the things in existence to be?


  • See the goodness in everything.
  • Be the goodness towards everything.
  • Take careful note what makes you.

….do all this because  what you are made of defines you. It is your pure essence, and well it’s either good or bad. So think, it’s either good or it stinks!

Thanks for reading😊


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