Today, like many others, I spent most of my afternoon in the library, studying of course  (or at least trying hard to ). I usually pick out a nice safe corner with enough lighting. There I will sit, alone and go along doing my work.

Today, however, I had a visitor from an unsightly friend.
He is hideous indeed. I say this because he gives me the creeps.  I reacted to him unusually, mainly because I was in my tranquil state. I was surprisingly so intrigued and drawn into his presence,  so much that I forgot that I feared him. I fear spiders with my life (so I thought ).

This spider, about half the size of a penny.  Black and hairy with yellow antennae,  was crawling on the wall, in search of a new home I suppose.
When this spider saw my energy drink can. He stopped.  Perhaps thinking to himself,  if the can might be of any good to him.
What he did was thought provoking.

Move up
Raise head.
Flick antennae.
Move up again.

He was so determined in what he was doing, so much that even when I tried to poke him with my pencil he didn’t move ( spare me the rod,  spiders have troubled me for long, this was another great opportunity to return the favor 😆). As I did this, he would tilt his head and flick his antennas in a way I imagine,  getting ready to strike.

He knew  (or maybe not ) what he was meant to do at that very moment.  Everything else was a mere distraction,  and he didn’t stop at nothing to do what he was there for.

That is purpose. Purpose that is driven purely by instinct. How often do we people let instinct direct?
For the vast majority,  very least number of times. Isn’t this what causes the chaos in the world we live in? Isn’t this what causes off balance-ness of character ?(if that’s a word)…. but then again isn’t the chaos the very nature of life? Isn’t the very chaos the tool that drives curiosity? With the very same curiosity being the driver of adventure?

I’ve noticed I have used the word drive repeatedly.  I think, I want a car badly than I thought. Dear reader the” take home” of this is, really to;

Put the keys in your awareness ignition put on a safety belt and drive off. Let your purpose be driven by instinct.


4 thoughts on “Spider taught me this 🐜

    1. Thank you very much buddy, thank u also for stopping by, better prepare tea and biscuits, I’ll be visiting you too, now that we’ve met😀


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