He said Some are shiny and smooth around the edges, whilst some aren’t as slim and grand, but all are worth the same rand
Sum1 told me a story about diamonds

They also told me some are black
He said these were rare and hard to find and are best,
Also worth more than the rest
Their beauty camouflages the surroundings, as to show how related they are to the earth but
They are often not picked, as they resemble pebbles and stones

These black diamonds are tough and have been through rough times as they form in volcanic eruptions
And from there their existence was never free from disruptions
But still that doesn’t break them, they long to be taken to the market as well, not to be sold, but displayed yet nothing of that sort happens, only those wise enough and know their worth, search and wish to keep these for their own wealth, and pitifully end up with rocks

And here you are ruining this little precious rock,
that rock is actually a gem
A true art form that is only itself
that gem is myself
I am that black diamond and though I’m not yet moulded
Take caution I’m wounded, and I’m worth more than what u think!

from a 14 year old me


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