Smoke filled, cheap fast food-smelling air of the city, she let it all in.
She had forever been a  part of the city chaos , the chaos a part of her too. That’s how it has been up until … she left.

“I’ll leave everything behind , not even myself”
“It’ll be better for everyone if I do it this way”...she thought.

Her phone, his voice , echoes of a moaning girl in the background…

“You could’ve just loved me, that was all I ever wanted , but you…”

Moments later , ‘snip-snap’,then pieces of his body parts on the she cut out pictures of them together.

“We’re done! I’m done”…

Meanwhile, him on another girl’s lap, a girl Manda knew to be a friend, all he ever had to say was “I’m sorry doll” not knowing that just two breaths ago , she did it.

‘GULP-GULP’ on her favourite wine, sparking up a purple joint ,smelled her orchards for the very last, then from the balcony…she leaped.

Hours later feverish with regret, he stepped on the accelerator , racing to his ‘baby boo ‘…only to find nothing , but a scene of what was.

Corner of Acorn and Prin street , she lay there silent, quiet, something her neighbors had never been.




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