The dangers of success

Isn’t this the truth?
I have to share this amazing post

Success Inspirers' World

Many will raise eye brows to hear someone talk of the dangers of success. Yet, I say it loudly and clearly. Success is more dangerous than many are aware. Success has claimed more lives than many people are aware. Success has destroyed more people than we are aware.

Success is definitely the one thing that people run after more than any other thing in the world. People want to become rich. That is success. People want to pass their exams. That is success. People want to rise in position. That is success.

All these aspirations and others that constitute success are not bad. In fact, they are good. The problem is in how we go for them; and what use we make of them after we have acquired them.

If you go after success in unscrupulous ways, you may end up very badly. Many have ended very badly because of…

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