“Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask”


Just how do I find myself relating to Batman(psssh , because I’m in love with him that’s why) . Batmans character is in many ways like mine, well except for … well that doesn’t matter.
He’s benevolent and  rarely shows it. He’s the good guy with a dark soul, and even darker mask. His mask reveals nothing but his eyes, his beautiful eyes.

Where am I going with this you’re probably asking. I too like him, put on a mask and consequently people started noticing me  more, a whole lot more.

What mask you ask?
Make up.

In more ways than one it is somehow. See I have this skin condition , known to most but rarely understood. Acne-Vulgaris ( acne) .

I used to hate how people would see me and start telling me about skin products or remedies that helped them. I’d appreciate the kindness but I hated how they’d see my condition and not me first.

I wore makeup which I must say , camouflages my spots. And now that I looked more “normal” my  confidence  levels were sky scraping. More so on those days when my outfit too was in ‘flick’ . My boyfriend too said it looked good, and that I was just as good without. I mean I believed him , since we met way before I started wearing this shit.

On the 3rd of February , I turned 19 and I came to realize that I’ve had acne for more than 8 years already. It’s been a burden in my entire teen life. Seeing that the condition wasn’t getting any better despite the amount of time and money I’ve put in. It just didn’t. Makeup , good  makeup is expensive

So what’s a jobless girl to do?

Lose the mask overall. I have decided to drop the mask as a whole. I knew I’d feel bare without it, but it’s just not worth it. I’d rather have those annual injections and medication for acne , otherwise people  like me, will learn to lIke what they see.
They didn’t. But, I couldn’t be less bothered because I do now, and that’s what matters.

I feel like we’re all just trying to fit in somehow and that’s good sometimes, but not if it changes who we are. I , unlike batman put on a mask and did less for others. I’d easily look down on another person with the  very same condition, just because I had a sip mask on. So seeing that I was betraying Batman. Things needed to  change.

I’ve removed the mask and people still don’t care. Ask yourself do opinions matter? Could opinions kill you or raise you from the dead? No. Why care?


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