Handover that wallet!

Ever passed a vending machine and suddenly remembered that you were craving for chocolate a week and two days ago? Determined to buy the chocolate with almonds and raisins a “protein filled-fruit infused” snack, you then patiently wait your turn to press the buttons, turn it on, then grab whatever it squirts out its front opening, if it does… and it doesn’t.

That’s when you realize your fun with the press-and-I’ll-release-machine has been cut short. The bloody machine now doesn’t give you what you’ve paid for. You realize you’ve been mugged by a vending machine.


See, the very same thing has happened to me so many times, so much that I’ve begun using sexual innuendo to make the experience more enjoyable, not that I’m obligated to do so, but anyway…

About a month ago, I was at the library studying, for the most part. The rest of the time I spent counting ceiling tiles, there are about twenty ceiling tiles per meter by the way. After the tedious work ( because counting tiles are hard ) I thought I’d just buy myself something to drink. So I went to the vending machine.

I put in an  R20 note, selected a can of juice and the machine starts moaning at my touch, it moves the can forwards only tilting it to the glass, and my juice just left me there, dry. I banged its glass, shook it and still, nothing.After about ten minutes of pleading for cooperation, this gentleman comes to my rescue and we both tried to tilt the machine sideways. Just before breaking a sweat, it finally released its juice, I’m sorry my juice.

I bent to get my contents and my change. It wasn’t.It was four R5 coins.I got free juice! I thanked God for it… who else?

Not more than a week later, I went to another vending machine, picked oats, and nuts breakfast bar, and not only did I get it free. I also found change on the machine left by the previous customer. I was thrilled. They were slowly becoming my friends( I knew my touch was magical).

Yesterday, I walked by and I saw this lady struggling with the machine so I offered to help. “Oh, I’m also buying peanuts, let me help”. I Put in a note and two packets dropped. With a sigh of relief, the lady then extended her gratitude. “Sure no problem”…. as I reach for my change to find four R5 coins. I got the peanuts for free and walked away R15 richer.

  • So, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. And though things may seem unfair sometimes, just know your day of luck will come, three times fold for that matter. 
  • If you know what you want, and are persistent enough you’ll triumph. 
  • Do not delude yourself, accept help when you need to and offer the same when you can. 
  • Oh and life’s too short , buy the chocolate.



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