“How couldn’t I see it coming?” Please…

What he is now, is what he’s always been, you just didn’t want to see it.

I’ve learned amongst the thousand other things, that love is not blind. Not blind at all.

Infatuation ? maybe…

I have realized that all the people I love have one thing in common; there is something about them that annoys me, but I still keep them in my life simply because, the “highs” exceed the “lows”.

Love is seeing the good the bad and the in between, and choosing to let them stay anyway because were happy with them, rather than without. My guy, handsome, smart chocolate fellow (the butterflies I get when I think of him) has his flaws too and has made me frown once or twice, but because he’s the reason I smile, for the most part, makes me stay.

Most people refer to the exes as dogs and a**holes, why not see him as one when you’re still dating?


Chances are if he is one, he’s shown signs of being one in the relationship. Perhaps you didn’t want to take note of it. When we fall in love, we see all the good in a person, and should they ever do wrong we quick to make an excuse for them. Most people fail to confront their loved ones, fearing the worst which is losing them. The truth is all this is deeply rooted with our self-worth, if we love ourselves enough to evaluate every person we engage with, and how our interaction with them makes us feel, then we’ll ask ourselves that question. in the end of it all.

So is love really blind?

It will be if we choose to let it be.


This goes to you, my man…

Father of my children, my friend, husband, my soulmate.
It’s really cold, and dreary and you are not here
Loving someone else wouldn’t work because they are everything else besides you.
When do I get to hold you tightly, when do I get to rest my head on your chest
Let’s leave the rest, but when are you going to give me your very best
You know what that is
Let me rather not say,
it’s (sshh our secrets)!
Oh for the love of god I’m freezing, it’s a cold winters night
Jesus is only here so that I don’t get any frights
but I’m running out of might.
Let your arrival be steady,
My heart is heavy ,without you I’m paining
I’m lonely ,im cold  ,it’s raining
I’m waiting
For you  future husband.