Handover that wallet!

Ever passed a vending machine and suddenly remembered that you were craving for chocolate a week and two days ago? Determined to buy the chocolate with almonds and raisins a “protein filled-fruit infused” snack, you then patiently wait your turn to press the buttons, turn it on, then grab whatever it squirts out its front opening, if it does… and it doesn’t.

That’s when you realize your fun with the press-and-I’ll-release-machine has been cut short. The bloody machine now doesn’t give you what you’ve paid for. You realize you’ve been mugged by a vending machine.


See, the very same thing has happened to me so many times, so much that I’ve begun using sexual innuendo to make the experience more enjoyable, not that I’m obligated to do so, but anyway…

About a month ago, I was at the library studying, for the most part. The rest of the time I spent counting ceiling tiles, there are about twenty ceiling tiles per meter by the way. After the tedious work ( because counting tiles are hard ) I thought I’d just buy myself something to drink. So I went to the vending machine.

I put in an  R20 note, selected a can of juice and the machine starts moaning at my touch, it moves the can forwards only tilting it to the glass, and my juice just left me there, dry. I banged its glass, shook it and still, nothing.After about ten minutes of pleading for cooperation, this gentleman comes to my rescue and we both tried to tilt the machine sideways. Just before breaking a sweat, it finally released its juice, I’m sorry my juice.

I bent to get my contents and my change. It wasn’t.It was four R5 coins.I got free juice! I thanked God for it… who else?

Not more than a week later, I went to another vending machine, picked oats, and nuts breakfast bar, and not only did I get it free. I also found change on the machine left by the previous customer. I was thrilled. They were slowly becoming my friends( I knew my touch was magical).

Yesterday, I walked by and I saw this lady struggling with the machine so I offered to help. “Oh, I’m also buying peanuts, let me help”. I Put in a note and two packets dropped. With a sigh of relief, the lady then extended her gratitude. “Sure no problem”…. as I reach for my change to find four R5 coins. I got the peanuts for free and walked away R15 richer.

  • So, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. And though things may seem unfair sometimes, just know your day of luck will come, three times fold for that matter. 
  • If you know what you want, and are persistent enough you’ll triumph. 
  • Do not delude yourself, accept help when you need to and offer the same when you can. 
  • Oh and life’s too short , buy the chocolate.



Son of a what?

On a lovely Sunday evening like this one killing a dog, is something that I never thought would happen. BUT…

He goes by the name Rough, a year old Boerbull, who dazzles in his brown and shiny coat.You’d never catch him chasing his own tail, nope not our Rough. He is noble but intimidating. He barely barks at anything, unless if its shadows at night, he is shit scared of those… I am too!

‘Rough and tough’ as my younger brother often exclaims. I loved him as a puppy he was cute, still is, but that changed after two bras, three skirts and my pink slipper of mine.

He ate them! 

He’s intelligent to a certain degree, but sometimes too smart to fit his pants, that’s if he’ll ever have those. I’m good at sewing but I’d never make that son of a bitch a pair ( how good it feels to know that I’m not swearing) and besides who’d want to make a pair of four-legged pants. Not me!

Anyways due to our very complicated family dynamics sometimes laundry day falls on a Sunday. When I hang the clothes on the line he stands patiently beside me, till I finish.


Sweet right?…. Then when dawn falls, he pulls the clothes off the hanging line, dragging them on the soil ground only to leave them at our front door, he doesn’t damage it …usually…especially if it is not mine.


I get very cross with him and am always on the verge of beating him to death, but when I look into his eyes, I realize he was only trying to help.

Sometimes a task may look easier than what it actually is.So unless if you know what you’re doing, don’t do it! You might think you’re making things better…when you’re actually making them even worse, it may even cost you a pair of pants or even your life.

No animals were harmed in the making of this article.

Trust me I haven’t killed him…yet (evil laugh)




“Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask”


Just how do I find myself relating to Batman(psssh , because I’m in love with him that’s why) . Batmans character is in many ways like mine, well except for … well that doesn’t matter.
He’s benevolent and  rarely shows it. He’s the good guy with a dark soul, and even darker mask. His mask reveals nothing but his eyes, his beautiful eyes.

Where am I going with this you’re probably asking. I too like him, put on a mask and consequently people started noticing me  more, a whole lot more.

What mask you ask?
Make up.

In more ways than one it is somehow. See I have this skin condition , known to most but rarely understood. Acne-Vulgaris ( acne) .

I used to hate how people would see me and start telling me about skin products or remedies that helped them. I’d appreciate the kindness but I hated how they’d see my condition and not me first.

I wore makeup which I must say , camouflages my spots. And now that I looked more “normal” my  confidence  levels were sky scraping. More so on those days when my outfit too was in ‘flick’ . My boyfriend too said it looked good, and that I was just as good without. I mean I believed him , since we met way before I started wearing this shit.

On the 3rd of February , I turned 19 and I came to realize that I’ve had acne for more than 8 years already. It’s been a burden in my entire teen life. Seeing that the condition wasn’t getting any better despite the amount of time and money I’ve put in. It just didn’t. Makeup , good  makeup is expensive

So what’s a jobless girl to do?

Lose the mask overall. I have decided to drop the mask as a whole. I knew I’d feel bare without it, but it’s just not worth it. I’d rather have those annual injections and medication for acne , otherwise people  like me, will learn to lIke what they see.
They didn’t. But, I couldn’t be less bothered because I do now, and that’s what matters.

I feel like we’re all just trying to fit in somehow and that’s good sometimes, but not if it changes who we are. I , unlike batman put on a mask and did less for others. I’d easily look down on another person with the  very same condition, just because I had a sip mask on. So seeing that I was betraying Batman. Things needed to  change.

I’ve removed the mask and people still don’t care. Ask yourself do opinions matter? Could opinions kill you or raise you from the dead? No. Why care?

Via the daily post : overworked

It has been a while since I went on campus. The feeling never gets old. The feeling of being around intellectuals, “the learned”, “the smart ones”.

Registration day. I give the university management credit, it wasn’t hectic at all. However the chaos in my head was.
Moving from one line to the next, my eyes couldn’t help but peep at the grades of my peers. Oh god, was I disappointed …in myself…and them too. They weren’t complaining enough!
How were they not complaining about the first year being tough?  Why weren’t they talking about quitting school because “it is too hard”?  Why was I?

It isn’t a struggle for them. Them, who worked their asses off the previous year.Turns out not only am I getting into a tougher year of study, but  I have this “carryover burden”.I have yet to complete an outstanding module. Turns out not only am I getting into a tougher year of study, but  I have this “carryover burden”.

I realize that the more I refer to it as a burden, the more burdened I’ll be. There roots my greatest disappointment of all.A terrible mindset.


Yes, I have a lot of work cut out for me, but I can and will do this. I have to make this work one way or another, otherwise, I’ll have myself thinking I was overworked during the year only to find out I barely was. I will do this. I have to make this work one way or another, otherwise, I’ll have myself thinking I was overworked during the year only to find out I barely was.

Do what you gotta do. Thanks for reading.

The dangers of success

Isn’t this the truth?
I have to share this amazing post

Success Inspirers' World

Many will raise eye brows to hear someone talk of the dangers of success. Yet, I say it loudly and clearly. Success is more dangerous than many are aware. Success has claimed more lives than many people are aware. Success has destroyed more people than we are aware.

Success is definitely the one thing that people run after more than any other thing in the world. People want to become rich. That is success. People want to pass their exams. That is success. People want to rise in position. That is success.

All these aspirations and others that constitute success are not bad. In fact, they are good. The problem is in how we go for them; and what use we make of them after we have acquired them.

If you go after success in unscrupulous ways, you may end up very badly. Many have ended very badly because of…

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He already knew what I was
Born and bred in the rocks and dirt
To be embedded in gold
Way before,  I knew it

He knew I was a diamond,

A diamond in the rough.
He already knew what I was
Though tested and failed a few times
Not to expose the fool I am
But to reveal his genius when I finally get it right.
He knows me as a winner.

He knew where I was going before I even planned the journey
He didn’t promise that weapon against me wouldn’t form
He just promised they wouldn’t prosper.

Be blessed dear reader. Thanks for stopping by.

They’ve always said it
I always doubt it

I’ve been to the mirror
That’s not what I saw though


You are by my grace.
Look at all the good you are

You are
In all so many ways.