The dangers of success

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Many will raise eye brows to hear someone talk of the dangers of success. Yet, I say it loudly and clearly. Success is more dangerous than many are aware. Success has claimed more lives than many people are aware. Success has destroyed more people than we are aware.

Success is definitely the one thing that people run after more than any other thing in the world. People want to become rich. That is success. People want to pass their exams. That is success. People want to rise in position. That is success.

All these aspirations and others that constitute success are not bad. In fact, they are good. The problem is in how we go for them; and what use we make of them after we have acquired them.

If you go after success in unscrupulous ways, you may end up very badly. Many have ended very badly because of…

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He already knew what I was
Born and bred in the rocks and dirt
To be embedded in gold
Way before,  I knew it

He knew I was a diamond,

A diamond in the rough.
He already knew what I was
Though tested and failed a few times
Not to expose the fool I am
But to reveal his genius when I finally get it right.
He knows me as a winner.

He knew where I was going before I even planned the journey
He didn’t promise that weapon against me wouldn’t form
He just promised they wouldn’t prosper.

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They’ve always said it
I always doubt it

I’ve been to the mirror
That’s not what I saw though


You are by my grace.
Look at all the good you are

You are
In all so many ways.

Don’t trip, just tie your laces!

Panting and out of breath, ready to give in, he reminded me that life’s journey is a marathon, not a sprint.


“I’m nowhere close to the front line. I’ve lost this race too in anyways”

But there is yet another to enter.From this one, you will have learned how not to win. And that is good, maybe you’ll win the next maybe not, but each time you participate you are giving yourself a challenge, which poses an opportunity for self-growth, and consequently self-improvement.

He then helped me tie up my running shoes and pushed me back on the race track.

Lately, i’ve been feeling so hopeless, but this piece right here is a collection of all the encouraging words from my loved ones. After days thinking hope had died, she rose from the dead, and this is the connection between her and I.

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Strike one
Spoke one

Trauma counts for two.

Again and again
Hard wrenching  fists

Like a boxing match
She lost in round two

Strike two
Till she did it too

Now it hurts like he is the only one

Strike three
Let it be.

They were still in love

Oh dear child,  life you were promised
But no one ever promised it would be fair.



Subtle goodbyes of one warrior to another.
What was, no longer is.
The last kiss for the end of the war.
“Sleep tight”
“Okay then goodnight ”
It was done, they were over.