So I held it as if doing something of importance,  when I all I did was just scroll up and down my contacts just to see your name.

Hours later,  I would delete the thousand word long letter confessing my love for you, words that kept screaming in my head.

“Over a Nigga that don’t even check to see if you’re home safely? ”
Tears drop, as if asking for self-pity,  I remembered how true that was.
He never cared, he never bothered because if he did, I wouldn’t be doing this.

But, then again the next person cannot tell. They don’t know about me,  they don’t know about you and me, so I’ll keep smiling at this gadget of mine, in the nostalgia of what we once had.

They’ll never know. They’ll think I’m just yet another teenager so engulfed, so wrapped around their lover.