His eyes are the most beautiful when they look into mine.
His eyes say the most beautiful of words , and show me the greatest of smiles.
His eyes  , as if amused by the perfection they see , as if they see something prettier than me , yet telling me not to be …
His eyes are just the most beautiful when they look into mine… that’s why I want look into them all the time.





Subtle goodbyes of one warrior to another.
What was, no longer is.
The last kiss for the end of the war.
“Sleep tight”
“Okay then goodnight ”
It was done, they were over.

Why we never learn

The shortlived “love”.

We meet some people with whom we instantly connect with. The conversations flow so smoothly that it feels like you’ve known them forever.  You look into each others eyes , you look beyond their eyes and into their soul , you scrutinise their facial expressions,  the smile, the raised eyebrows,  the pale blushed cheeks, it all seems too perfect to be real , but the momentum of that moment falsely blinds , and it then so happens that you’re now in love . You fantasise about the person , you see a good future for both of you, it all seems like  flawless destiny . They are well mannered, funny and intuitive,  it all seems to good to be true , you think to yourself maybe it is, and leave as much room for disappointment as required, but like an ant inside a gingerbread house,  it’s blissfully fulfilling.

Over the next few days you exchange texts, and calls , you call each other by exotic romantic name like “momma” , “honey -bear”( it’s romantic to me because I refer  to guys and girls as Bro or dude) . Dangerously in love you both start seeing each other more often . You are now infatuated by the person, maybe they’re not , you still continue to engage in  Sphalollalia with them , because , well…because you can.

Over the next few weeks the lovey dovey  enchantments are drying out. You get lesser attention by the day. You deny the possibility of them being with another person,  you know because they said they loved you, maybe they lied , but you stop yourself from dwelling into this thought , when you feel your pulse racing.  The gushing  blood in your veins,   increases your temperature. You almost had a panic attack,  so you just shut out the thoughts of being in love alone.

Days turn to weeks , you know you haven’t talked to them in a while now , you feel the hope slowly fading away. They put on a lovely status message , you assume it’s about  you , you don’t ask because you don’t want to seem too attached or desperate,  but truth is you are in that moment. The status messages constantly change, your watch them as they do. In hope that they’ll dedicate those to you , you greet. You almost immediately get the “oh I missed you” , you have a feeling it’s a lie , but you helplessly  go with the flow.

They now put on profile pictures of “the other one”,  you laugh off the possibility of it being a person whom they are intimate with, “psst, it might just be his sister” , you know what the odds of that are, but dismiss the thought completely.  Over the next few days , you ask.  They tell you that indeed it’s someone they get intimate with,  and that “I knew her before you ” , it stings your heart, and almost numbly ,you agree “it’s okay”. Well it’s not okay , you know that, but you love them too much to make them uncomfortable, maybe you did something wrong. You didn’t,  you recall all the other similar scenarios, in disbelief that your “angel” would do you like that , you wait for a few more days,  they’ll come around,  they never do , but it’s a good  enough lie for you to feel comfortable.

You realise you have been walked over,  nothing major happened but it still feels like you’ve lost a lot. You think to yourself  “why do I never learn?”

Well here’s what you should know

1. You are human

You are not led by instinct but intuition. You rely on your brain, even when it’s been infested with the weakening effects of love. (The brain in love)

2. The other person is human , too!

“People grow , people change”. Every second allows a person to grow, people literally  get older by the second, and although they might think of something in this moment,  they are free to think of something else in the next. (People change they’re minds) start reading from the third paragraph.


I’m no different,  I’m human as well, and sometimes I get lazy, hence I just put in links, instead of elaborating. Also I’m not very learned , so the opinions of those well educated people should be of much greater use . Thank u for reading.