Son of a what?

On a lovely Sunday evening like this one killing a dog, is something that I never thought would happen. BUT…

He goes by the name Rough, a year old Boerbull, who dazzles in his brown and shiny coat.You’d never catch him chasing his own tail, nope not our Rough. He is noble but intimidating. He barely barks at anything, unless if its shadows at night, he is shit scared of those… I am too!

‘Rough and tough’ as my younger brother often exclaims. I loved him as a puppy he was cute, still is, but that changed after two bras, three skirts and my pink slipper of mine.

He ate them! 

He’s intelligent to a certain degree, but sometimes too smart to fit his pants, that’s if he’ll ever have those. I’m good at sewing but I’d never make that son of a bitch a pair ( how good it feels to know that I’m not swearing) and besides who’d want to make a pair of four-legged pants. Not me!

Anyways due to our very complicated family dynamics sometimes laundry day falls on a Sunday. When I hang the clothes on the line he stands patiently beside me, till I finish.


Sweet right?…. Then when dawn falls, he pulls the clothes off the hanging line, dragging them on the soil ground only to leave them at our front door, he doesn’t damage it …usually…especially if it is not mine.


I get very cross with him and am always on the verge of beating him to death, but when I look into his eyes, I realize he was only trying to help.

Sometimes a task may look easier than what it actually is.So unless if you know what you’re doing, don’t do it! You might think you’re making things better…when you’re actually making them even worse, it may even cost you a pair of pants or even your life.

No animals were harmed in the making of this article.

Trust me I haven’t killed him…yet (evil laugh)






“How couldn’t I see it coming?” Please…

What he is now, is what he’s always been, you just didn’t want to see it.

I’ve learned amongst the thousand other things, that love is not blind. Not blind at all.

Infatuation ? maybe…

I have realized that all the people I love have one thing in common; there is something about them that annoys me, but I still keep them in my life simply because, the “highs” exceed the “lows”.

Love is seeing the good the bad and the in between, and choosing to let them stay anyway because were happy with them, rather than without. My guy, handsome, smart chocolate fellow (the butterflies I get when I think of him) has his flaws too and has made me frown once or twice, but because he’s the reason I smile, for the most part, makes me stay.

Most people refer to the exes as dogs and a**holes, why not see him as one when you’re still dating?


Chances are if he is one, he’s shown signs of being one in the relationship. Perhaps you didn’t want to take note of it. When we fall in love, we see all the good in a person, and should they ever do wrong we quick to make an excuse for them. Most people fail to confront their loved ones, fearing the worst which is losing them. The truth is all this is deeply rooted with our self-worth, if we love ourselves enough to evaluate every person we engage with, and how our interaction with them makes us feel, then we’ll ask ourselves that question. in the end of it all.

So is love really blind?

It will be if we choose to let it be.

He already knew what I was
Born and bred in the rocks and dirt
To be embedded in gold
Way before,  I knew it

He knew I was a diamond,

A diamond in the rough.
He already knew what I was
Though tested and failed a few times
Not to expose the fool I am
But to reveal his genius when I finally get it right.
He knows me as a winner.

He knew where I was going before I even planned the journey
He didn’t promise that weapon against me wouldn’t form
He just promised they wouldn’t prosper.

Be blessed dear reader. Thanks for stopping by.

They’ve always said it
I always doubt it

I’ve been to the mirror
That’s not what I saw though


You are by my grace.
Look at all the good you are

You are
In all so many ways.

Oh dear child,  life you were promised
But no one ever promised it would be fair.



Subtle goodbyes of one warrior to another.
What was, no longer is.
The last kiss for the end of the war.
“Sleep tight”
“Okay then goodnight ”
It was done, they were over.

So I held it as if doing something of importance,  when I all I did was just scroll up and down my contacts just to see your name.

Hours later,  I would delete the thousand word long letter confessing my love for you, words that kept screaming in my head.

“Over a Nigga that don’t even check to see if you’re home safely? ”
Tears drop, as if asking for self-pity,  I remembered how true that was.
He never cared, he never bothered because if he did, I wouldn’t be doing this.

But, then again the next person cannot tell. They don’t know about me,  they don’t know about you and me, so I’ll keep smiling at this gadget of mine, in the nostalgia of what we once had.

They’ll never know. They’ll think I’m just yet another teenager so engulfed, so wrapped around their lover.